Dental Laboratory
In formulating the appropriate treatment plan, we offer the widest possible range of alternatives to the patient. With special effort given to offering newer dental prosthesis. Dental prosthesis made for the patients are a result of teamwork between a clinician and a technician. These two are partners in every success or failure. We on our part ensure highest quality....if this is ensured, success can’t be far behind.

Quality Assurance
We guarantee at any time to use only high quality and proven materials for all steps of the processing Starting from model making.
Waxing up is done by artistic craftsman after providing a spacer for luting agents, using waxes that have extremely low shrinkage and invested in investment materials that offer fine details, smooth surface and controlled expansion to produce perfect castings.
Alloys that have favorable properties are used, like beryllium free non precious alloys that are physiologically acceptable or high gold containing or reduced gold containing alloys that are biocompatible and corrosion resistant and if required nickel free or palladium free for the sensitive patients.

The finest ceramic and veneering materials are used by master craftsmen using layering techniques generating subtle hues and interplay of light dynamics to create nature like vital characteristics.